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Shrove Tuesday and the Pancake Supper

Flapjacks & Fundraising

February 9, 2023

Many call Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day, but we honor the true meaning of the holiday. Shrove Tuesday occurs on the day before Ash Wednesday, the final day before Lent begins. "Shrove" comes from the Germanic-Old English word "shrive," meaning to absolve. In preparation for Lent, Christians used this day to offer up their sins for absolution and to feast together. To honor this tradition, we will gather at Epiphany Church to fellowship and raise support for our youth.

Come join the Sunday School Youth Group on Tuesday, February 21st at 5:30 pm in the Parish Hall. This event is being held to support and raise donations for the Hawaiʻi Diocesan Youth delegation and their chaperones bound for the University of Maryland, College Park, and the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) in July. While there, the contingent also plans on performing community service in the area of the event and in Washington DC. So raise your syrup, grab a stack, and enjoy a cup of coffee as we celebrate in pride the youngest members of our Epiphany ʻohana.

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