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Epiphany Hula Hālau

Epiphany Episcopal Church recognizes the deep cultural significance of hula and the rich traditions it embodies. Supporting a Hula Hālau within the church not only helps preserve this revered art form, but also fosters a spirit of community, worship, and belonging. Hula at Epiphany serves as a bridge between Hawaiian culture and worship as a living prayer, with graceful motions conveying deep meaning and connection. The Hula Hālau meets on Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in the Hula Room upstairs of the Parish Hall.  All are welcome to join the hālau and discover a profound sense of faith woven into this sacred dance. Through hula, Epiphany celebrates the rich diversity of culture and spirit.

“Hula is the art of Hawaiian dance expressing all that we hear, feel, taste, and smell. Hula is life.” - Maʻiki Aiu Lake

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