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Loving and Living in Faith 2021

At pledging time, words to the same effect as the saying in Matthew, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” always enter my mind, and are very influential in the decision about how much to give. The rest of the year, I wrestle with how else to use my time and money. Because once I make a commitment in pledging to Epiphany, it is simple just to follow through on the promise and give pledging no more thought except to write a check before every Sunday service. Following through on my word is important to me, but I also know that if I cannot make it some Sundays or for some other appeal, God will not condemn me. Jesus will be understanding.

I give because it is a sign of my faith and trust. The Episcopal Church teaches to give a tithe, so I have worked on it as a sign of my faith. The trust is in God. I am reminded of a saying I have heard Christians (and Muslims, incidentally) say that God never gives us a task that we can’t handle. I trust in that. I trust that regardless of how much I give, my place is not determined by its size.

Now, in my faith journey, I have found Epiphany. I come to Sunday worship and to be in our other gatherings not only because it is my faith that sends me, but I also know kinfolk, ohana will be there. People on their own journeys who are believers and practitioners, who are friendly and generous, whose faces and words reflect the diversity we cherish in Hawaii. I come to join in giving to others outside our church. Please join me in giving to our good works.


Lot Lau

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