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Highlight: The Stained Glass of Epiphany

We're very proud of our stained glass windows at Epiphany., as these windows show the cultural diversity of Hawaii. We are honored to have the work of renowned artist Erica Karawina, who for decades helped bring stained glass to Hawai‘i’s cathedrals and state buildings, bringing them to life with her work.

Born in 1904 in Germany, Karawina received her art training in Europe, then New England after moving to the United States in 1923. She didn’t receive a formal classroom education; instead, she studied with tutors. Masters such as prominent Boston School sculptor Frederick W. Allen and Charles J. Connick, who created the rose windows of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, Chicago’s First Presbyterian Church, and the American Church in Paris. Under Connick’s tutelage, Karawina spent months researching the history of traditional glassmaking before being allowed to work with glass itself. Like medieval apprentices, she learned her craft through careful observation before practice.

See the video below, or follow this link to view:

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