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Urged onward by an anonymous donation, the Outreach Ministry Committee announces there will be another collection of backpacks items. This time it will benefit Waikiki Youth Outreach (YO) clients, a program of Waikiki Health Center that supports homeless youth. The Covid 19 virus complicates the project, because the filling of backpacks would be challenging, but the YO staff is willing to receive items without filling the backpacks. They have a storeroom from which they issue supplies as needed, so the items we donate will just be placed on their shelves and distributed as individuals need and request. The last day on which items will be collected for delivery is Palm Sunday March 28. On that day, our donations will be blessed before they are delivered. There are backpacks in storage at the church sufficient for this project. However, if you have backpacks to donate, we will gladly accept them. A list of items the YO needs follows at the end of this message. If you purchase items, you may leave them in the Youth Outreach bin in the library. Alternately, you may leave them with Pi’ilani in the office. Please call (734-5706) to ensure she will be there when you intend to deliver your donation. In the past we have specified the collection of 10 items. Since they will not be placed in the backpacks before delivery, please feel free to donate as many as you wish.


Bar Soap and covered container,Hand towel/washcloth,

Tooth Brush (2 limit) Tooth Paste (1 limit),Hair Brush/Comb,Deodorant,

Shampoo,Conditioner,Disposable Razors (1 pack),Shave Cream,Nail Clippers,Dental Floss,Body Lotion,Band Aid,Antiseptic Cream,Toilet Tissue (1 roll),Pens/Pencils,Spiral bound notepad,A day planner/calendar,

Virus Protection Facemask,Bottled Water,Canned Goods with snap-off tops, Portable Phone Charger

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