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Epiphany Joins HUGS to Bring Joy for Christmas!

December 22, 2022

The Epiphany Outreach Ministry Committee partnered with the wonderful organization HUGS (Help, Understanding & Group Support) of Hawaiʻi) to bring Christmas gifts to a family in need. The program is called Project Ezekiel.

Ezekiel is a young boy diagnosed at birth with a rare genetic disorder called chromosome 8p inverted duplication-deletion syndrome. This condition affects his many developmental and intellectual abilities. At two years old, Ezekiel is non-verbal and unable to crawl, walk, or consume textured foods. Not only are the medical demands difficult for little Ezekiel, but the financial and spiritual demands on the family present a daily challenge. The Outreach Ministry Committee asked our ʻohana to rise to the occasion, and share our Epiphany love with this beautiful family of neighbors in need.

By the grace of God, our family came together and purchased presents for Ezekiel, his parents, and four brothers. What a blessing to share our gifts at this most wondrous time.

This Tuesday, Kimey (pictured above) from HUGS stopped by to pick up the packages bound for Ezekiel's home in West Oʻahu. We want to thank our generous brothers and sisters for embracing this incredible project, and the incredible folks at HUGS in Kaimuki. Mahalo!

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