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Epiphany Episcopal Church Supports the Kamaʻāina Economy and Looks Forward to the Future

The repair and repaving of the Epiphany Episcopal Church parking lot has been long overdue. The vestry which is the governing body of the church, decided that something must be done, since the parking lot had started to become a hazard to cars and people. Sharon and Les Muramaru took up the task of finding a company that could do the job. They researched and interviewed three Oahu companies and recommended them to the vestry. The vestry chose DC Asphalt Services which offered a reasonable price and time table to get the job done. The vestry decided to start the “Stepping up for Epiphany” Capital Campaign to raise $40,000 to pay for the work. Without discussion of the COVID-19 situation the vestry voted to move forward in faith with the project and the capital campaign to raise the funds. Our members and friends responded enthusiastically and raised the funds within a month’s time. They gave because they love this little stone church on the corner of 10th Avenue and Harding Avenue. Epiphany folks are looking toward to the future with this new parking lot, and are excited to reflect that this space is the first impression our guests and members will have. Epiphany’s renowned warm welcome begins with good parking. To God be the Glory!!

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