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Earth Day Observance with Dr. Albie Miles April 25, 2021

Do you believe there is enough food to feed all humans if only we would share? Knowing we live with a climate in crisis, is it okay to continue polluting with the waste of our massive food production systems, and wasteful consumption habits? Is there a way out of the systems we have constructed, to be more responsible stewards of Earth, without making things worse? Epiphany has asked Dr. Albie Miles, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Community Food Systems, University of Hawaii West Oahu, to present on the topic of “Hawaii’s Food System: Pressing Ecological, Social and Moral Issues” at our observance of Earth Day, Sunday April 25. Please attend this presentation at Epiphany Episcopal Church from 8am to 9am to hear his ideas about how we may provide food while considering the effects of its production and consumption on a variety of issues, not just hunger. All proper COVID-19 protocols will be in place. Professor Miles’ presentation will be videotaped, but attendance by many will be appreciated to show our support of and appreciation for his presentation, and to encourage him in his difficult work. Learn how you can take part in this important challenge.

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