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Come and Join us for The Stations of the Cross at Epiphany Wednesday March 31, 2021 at 9am & 6pm

In 2013, The Stations of the Cross found its way to Epiphany. Our late organist and devout parishioner, Dr. Donald Matsumori, commissioned his good friend and artist Dieter Runge to paint 14 scenes of the Passion using the “Scriptural Way of the Cross” that Pope John Paul II introduced in 1991. Those paintings are what you see displayed today in our church and every year during Holy Week. Our Stations that Dieter painted are contemporary works of art. They reflect the art of today. He wanted his depictions to appeal aesthetically moving younger viewers. He explains his thoughts about his work,

“They are cinematic as they must be since they tell a story and were inspired by the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”. The compositions and renderings are my own. When we study the long history of Christian art, we discover the art of its time. My hope is that these paintings show my respect and debt to all the artists who came before me and to lead me to question and reflect upon my own spirituality.”

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