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A Prayer for Maui & Hawai'i Island

August 10, 2023

Almighty and Loving God.

We come before you with heavy hearts, seeking comfort and strength for those who have experienced loss and devastation on the Islands of Maui and Hawaiʻi. We lift up all those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and everything they held dear.

Please surround them with your love and peace during this difficult time. Provide them with the courage and resilience to rebuild their lives and find hope amidst the ashes. Give them the resources and support they need to start anew.

We ask for your guidance and wisdom for the leaders and organizations working tirelessly to assist those affected by this tragedy. May they be filled with compassion and find effective ways to bring relief and aid to those in need.

O God, we pray for unity and solidarity within those islands as people come together to support one another. Help them to find strength in their shared experiences and to lend a helping hand to their neighbors. May kindness and generosity abound, bringing healing and restoration to those who are hurting.

In the midst of this hardship, we trust in your promise that you will never leave nor forsake us. May your presence be felt by all those who are suffering, bringing comfort and reassurance that they are not alone.

We thank you for the resilience and spirit of the people of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. May they find hope in the midst of despair and may their faith be a beacon of light in the darkness.

We offer this prayer in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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